2012 Field Course: Manatees & Dolphins in Belize
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CURRENT STATUS OF MANATEES AND DUGONGS: Over the past few years, several of our Participating Members have been working with the IUCN Species Survival Commission's Sirenia Specialist Group to complete an updated assessment for the only four extant species in the Order Sirenia, the West Indian manatee, the West African manatee, the Amazonian manatee, and the Indo-Pacific dugong. The 2007 Assessment is now online at

Unfortunately, the report indicates that most manatee and dugong populations around the world continue to be fragmented, in decline, and threatened with extinction, primarily due to unsustainable human activities. As ambassadors from the coastal zone, manatees and dugongs serve as indicators of our own future. Their precarious situation gives us warning: if we continue to pollute and destroy coastal and riverine habitats, manatees, dugongs, and people will suffer because these habitats that are essential to our quality of life!

The mission of Sirenian International is to ensure the long-term conservation of these endangered manatee and dugong populations, and our shared aquatic habitats, on a global scale. Our methods include scientific research, capacity building, education, and intercultural collaboration through our Participating Members who develop and implement conservation projects at the grassroots level around the world. Your gift and continued support help make it possible for us to expand and enrich the services we provide.

Sirenian International, Inc., is a grassroots organization of people who share a dedication to manatee & dugong research, education, and conservation. We are a partnership of scientists, students, educators, conservationists, and the public. Our Participating Members are actively involved in manatee and dugong projects around the world. Our Supporting Members provide financial support to projects and services funded by Sirenian International. An International Board of Directors governs our activities and our Scientific Advisory Council insures the scientific integrity of projects we fund. Our Participating Members, our Board of Directors, and our Scientific Advisory Council are volunteers; 100% of your donation goes directly to projects and services.

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