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"Jones, Santhabpan"

Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
On a pair of captive dugongs (Dugong dugong (Erxleben)).
Jour. Mar. Biol. Assoc. India 1(2): 198-202. Dec. 1959.
–Discusses various aspects of the natural history, diet, behavior, and size at birth of the dugong, and attempts to keep it in captivity. The captive pair were held at Mandapam Camp, India.
Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
Problems of research and conservation of the dugong, Dugong dugon (Müller) in the Indopacific. [Abstr.]
Proc. 11th Pacif. Sci. Congr. (Tokyo) 5-7: 724. [77:16?]
Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
The dugong Dugong dugon (Müller): its present status in the seas round India with observations on its behaviour in captivity.
Internatl. Zoo Yearbk. 7: 215-220. 1 tab. 1 fig. Pl. 33.
–Abstr.: Abstr. Contr. Fish. Aquat. Sci. India 1(1): 39-40? Summary of dugong distribution and status in India, with account of sexual behavior, pathology, and other observations on captives. Notes that a captive dugong was kept alive in New Caledonia for four months in 1965 (216).
Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
On a pair of captive dugongs.
Loris 11: 83-86.
Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
The dugong or the so-called mermaid, Dugong dugon (Müller) of the Indo-Sri Lanka waters - problems of research and conservation.
Spolia Zeylanica 35(I-II): 223-260. 4 tabs. 8 figs. 6 pls.
Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
Distribution and status of the dugong, Dugong dugon (Müller) in the Indian region. In: H. Marsh (ed.), The dugong. Proceedings of a seminar/workshop held at James Cook University of North Queensland 8-13 May 1979 (q.v.).
[Townsville (Australia)], James Cook Univ. (vii + 400): 43-54. 3 figs.
–Summarizes the present distribution of dugongs in Burma, India, and Sri Lanka, including the Andaman and Nicobar Islands; no resident populations appear to exist in Pakistan, Bangladesh, or the Maldives. Recommends joint research and conservation efforts by India and Sri Lanka.
Jones, Santhabpan (detail)
The present status of the dugong in the Indo-Sri Lanka waters.
Loris 16(3): 139-141.

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