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"Nietschmann, Bernard"

Nietschmann, Bernard: SEE ALSO Smethurst & Nietschmann, 1999. (detail)
Nietschmann, Bernard (detail)
Hunting and fishing focus among the Miskito Indians, eastern Nicaragua.
Human Ecology 1(1): 41-67.
–States that manatees make up less than 3% of the meat poundage obtained by hunting.
Nietschmann, Bernard (detail)
Between land and water: the subsistence ecology of the Miskito Indians, eastern Nicaragua.
New York & London, Seminar Press: xiv + 279.
Nietschmann, Bernard (detail)
The wind caller.
Nat. Hist. (New York) 86(3): 10-12, 14, 16. 1 fig. Mar. 1977.
–Repr.: Reader's Digest, Canadian ed., Oct. 1977. Pop. acc. of the Torres Strait area, including traditional lore on the feeding behavior of dugongs and their movements with respect to the tides (10-12, 14).
Nietschmann, Bernard; Nietschmann, Judith (detail)
Good dugong, bad dugong; bad turtle, good turtle.
Nat. Hist. (New York) 90(5): 54-63. 11 figs. May 1981.
–Gen. acc. of dugong and turtle ecology and hunting, and their role in Torres Strait society and economy.
Nietschmann, Bernard (detail)
Hunting and ecology of dugongs and green turtles, Torres Strait, Australia.
Natl. Geogr. Soc. Res. Rept. 17: 625-651. 5 tabs. 11 figs.
–Relatively non-detailed account of a year-long research visit to Mabuiag Is., with catch statistics and measurements on dugongs and turtles caught (1976-79), percentages of seagrass species found in dugong stomachs, lists of Islander terms for categories of dugongs and turtles, and other data on natural history and human ecology.
Smethurst, David; Nietschmann, Bernard (detail)
The distribution of manatees (Trichechus manatus) in the coastal waterways of Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
Biol. Conserv. 89(3): 267-274. 2 figs. "Aug. 1999" (publ. Apr. 1999).
–Boat and interview surveys done in 1996-98 indicated that manatees were more abundant in the area than previously thought. However, canal construction, deforestation and siltation (due to banana cultivation, logging, and cattle ranching), increasing boat traffic and ecotourism, and hunting remain as threats, and protection is inadequate.

Daryl P. Domning, Research Associate, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560, and Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 20059.
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