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Spain, Alister V.; Heinsohn, George Edwin (detail)
Size and weight allometry in a North Queensland population of Dugong dugon (Müller) (Mammalia: Sirenia).
Austral. Jour. Zool. 23(2): 159-168. 2 tabs. 6 figs. May 1975.
–Concludes, from a sample of 53 animals, that body weight (the dependent variable) and length are related by the equation y = (-34.251) - 14.976x + 55.218xý; that there are no sexual weight-length differences; that weight at puberty (about 2.4 m length) is about 248 kg; that only the large intestine and not the small intestine or cecum shows positive allometry; and that dorsal and ventral skin thicknesses are isometric while lateral skin thickness is more or less constant.

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(SEE ALSO: Brain and Nervous System; Circulatory System; Digestive System; Embryology; Endocrinology; Growth Rates; Histology; Myology; Pathology; Respiratory System; Skeleton; Urogenital System; and under species)
  x * 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (DD; size & weight allometry; body & intestinal tract; 159-168.)

  x 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (DD; size & weight allometry; 159.)

Digestive System
(SEE ALSO: Excretion and Defecation; Food; Mastication; Parasites; Parasitology; Sense Organs)
  x 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (DD; intestine; allometry; 162-163, 165-166.)

Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) Palmer, 1895
  x * 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (Queensland; size & weight allometry; 159-167.)

Embryology and Ontogeny
(SEE ALSO: Age Determination; Growth Rates; Teratology)
  x 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (DD; Queensland; size & weight allometry; 159-167.)

Individual Variation
(SEE ALSO: Skeleton)
  x * 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (DD; Queensland; body allometry; 159-168.)

  x 1975 Spain & Heinsohn (DD; skin thickness; 162-163, 165, 167.)

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