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Williams, Ernest H., Jr.; Mignucci-Giannoni, Antonio A.; Bunkley-Williams, Lucy; Bonde, Robert K.; Self-Sullivan, Caryn; Preen, Anthony R.; Cockcroft, Vic G. (detail)
Echeneid-sirenian interactions, with information on sharksucker diet.
Jour. Fish Biology 63(5): 1176-1183. 1 fig.

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Community Ecology
(SEE ALSO: Food; Food Plants; Natural Enemies; Paleoecology; Parasites; Parasitology)
  * 2003 Williams et al. (TM, DD; echeneids [sharksuckers]; 1176-1183.)

Excretion and Defecation
(SEE ALSO: Salinity Tolerance; Urogenital System)
  2003 Williams et al. (TML; Florida; feces fed on by sharksuckers; 1180-1181.)

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